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Mohammed Sumaila ,Ph.D.

After completing my college education in Ghana, I was searching for a place to pursue my graduate and post graduate studies. I came to the Philippines to study and discovered that their education system was more focused on the practical application of knowledge. I also realized that the professors here were very kind and their mindset is to help the student discover things for themselves instead of just delivering information to the student.

My Ph.D. journey was much better than that of some of my friends who studied somewhere else for 5 years and still did not graduate. I imagined how life would be so much easier if more people from my continent could get this kind of education and how it could transform the continent.

I began by helping my African friends and their friends arrange their graduate and post graduate studies in the Philippines. After doing this for about 10 years, it became clear that there were many people in Africa who needed this service, so I created The Admission Experts and established partnerships with highly accredited, autonomous and ISO certified universities in the Philippines.

Now, with the Admission Experts, you can achieve your academic dreams without leaving your country by attending classes in a virtual platform at a distance with Professors who are industry experts across the globe while also sharing experiences with other students from more than 10 countries.  In addition, you will benefit from international research seminars and mentors to help you anytime you encounter difficulties with your research and become part of an international network of experts.

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We are with you from admission to graduation

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