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Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Training (GRIT) Program (6 weeks Research Certificate)

The GRIT program consists of a series of training sessions aimed at developing research skills and equipping participants with sound research methodologies, allowing them to conduct and produce high-quality research, as well as promoting and integrating research across disciplines and organizations and providing students with an international perspective on conducting research. 

To apply for GRIT program, click the link below 

Organizational Development Program (6-Months Postgraduate Certificate Program)

The goal of the Organizational Development Program (ODP) is to equip students with the proper tools to transform organizations that can bring about organizational effectiveness and contribute substantial changes that can bring to the fore organizational development.

Delivery of all modules is in blended format. Some sessions are held face-to-face virtually, and some are remote through case work or research-based activities.

Modules include; Power, Culture, and Leadership, Strategic Planning and Management, Organizational Change and Development, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Organizational Development, Strategic Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management, and Capstone Project.

To apply for GRIT program, click the link below

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