Postgraduate Degree Programs (Ph.D./Doctorate)

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  • Business Management (Ph.D.)

  • Business Anthropology (Ph.D.)

  • Human Capital Management and Labour Relations (Ph.D.)

  • Political Economy and Governance (Ph.D.)

  • International Hospitality Management (Ph.D.)

  • Development Administration (Ph.D.)

  • Social Development (Ph.D.)

  • Rural Development (Ph.D.)

  • Communication (Ph.D.)

  • Public Policy and Management (Ph.D.)

  • Computer Science (Ph.D.)

  • Information Technology (Ph.D./DIT)

  • Educational Management (Ph.D./Ed.D.)

  • Nursing (Ph.D.)

  • Music (Ph.D.)

  • Theology (Ph.D.)

  • Religious Studies (Ph.D.)

  • Public Health (Doctorate)

  • Missiology (Ph.D.)

  • Pharmacy (Doctorate)

  • Science Education (Ph.D.)

  • Public Administration (Ph.D.)


  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)

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