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Postgraduate Degree Programs (Ph.D./Doctorate)

Our Ph.D. and Doctoral programs boast of its pool of internationally renowned professors who are well experienced researchers and industry experts. The universities running these programs are highly autonomous, highly accredited and ISO certified. This means that your certificate is accepted globally. 

See some of our top PhD programs below. If you don’t see what you want, you can still inquire maybe it is available but just not indicated on our site


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Management with specialization in

  • Strategic Management

  • International Business

  • International Accountancy

  • International Finance

  • International Marketing

  • Sports Marketing

  • International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • International Healthcare System

  • Business Anthropology

  • Human Capital and Labor Relations

  • Information Technology

  • International Hospitality Management

  • Political Economy and Governance

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Development Administration with specialization in

  • Leadership

  • Public Governance

  • Education Governance

  • Project Management

  • Social Development

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education with specialization in

  • Educational Leadership and Management

  • Curriculum Design, Development, and Supervision

  • Special Education

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Science Education

  • Mathematics Education

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Nursing

  • Nursing Science

  • Nursing Education

  • Public Health Nursing

  • Doctor of Public Health (Dr.PH)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Religion and Church Administration

  • Theology (Research and Academic Track Available)

  • Religious Studies (Research and Academic Track Available)

  • Missiology

  • Church Administration

Other Programs

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Guidance and Counseling

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Rural Development

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Economics

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Public Policy and Management



For admission, please submit the following documents to

  1. Master’s Degree Certificate and Transcript.

  2. Curriculum Vitae or Resume showing atleast 5 years of work experience

  3. Passport or National Identification Card

  4. Two Letters of Recommendation

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