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Asare Kotor, Ghana 
Course: Ph.D. in Curriculum and Supervision

If you have ever tried to seek for admission to read a Ph.D. or a master’s degree program, then you ought to be ready, to experience a lot of rejections and denials.
I had gotten my fair share of those unpleasant experiences. However, with the encounter with admissions expert, my Ph.D admissions life became too smooth and quick. I only saw them online and just decided to give it a trial. After all, I told myself that, there is nothing to lose, since there wasn't any financial commitment, before the admission letter was out, per their policy.
Luckily, within two weeks admission expert secured the much awaited Ph.D. admission for me. They work with the highest level of professionalism and mentoring.
Just try them and you will understand the kind of feeling, when dealing with them. Mind you not all online processes are scam.


Boipelo Joyce Masinge, Botswana 
Course: Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Management

Thank you so much for a job well done, you guys are awesome and keep the good work up! Finding appropriate placement for PhD program has been a hustle until I found The Admission Experts. They placed me excellently in a prestigious accredited University with reasonable fees. They served me effectively and efficiently. Just as their name suggest they are smart, reliable Experts to work with. They made the environment conducive for me to work with them that I felt valued as their customer, not only that but also they are trustworthy. Therefore if you are a student looking for proper placement? then I suggest you talk to these professionals they will solve your problem.


Dr. Paul Amo Kyeremeh, Ghana  
Course: Ph.D. in Rural Development 

The AdmissionExperts facilitated the admission for my second Doctorate (PhD) program in Development Administration. I have few courses left to complete the program. This is a credible entity and I encourage anyone who wants to study in the Philippines to deal with them. Thank you AdmissonExperts.


Majeed Dramani Mahama, Ghana
Program: Ph.D. in Rural Development 

It was a mind-blowing experience. I owe my gratitude to the AdmissionExperts for being very helpful. Their process was hustle free, great assistance and quick response by the staff is awesome. Thanks to the AdmissionExperts I am now a Ph.D. candidate in Rural Development.


Juliana Boamah, Ghana
Program: Master in Business Administration

My whole story turned around after I was introduced to ADMISSION EXPERTS, I was tired of buying forms and applying for schools in Ghana. Some schools couldn't offer me the course I wanted, other schools expected me to pay huge bribes, and others didn't offer me admissions at all. I met a friend who told me about ADMISSION EXPERTS of which I decided to give it a try, to my utmost surprise they helped me  gain admission in one of the top rated universities here in the Philippines at a very affordable fee and less service charges. They also took care of my accommodation, immigration extension, medical and quarantine processes and others. Thanks to the ADMISSION EXPERTS for making my dream a reality.

Dickson pic.jpeg

Owusu Dickson, Ghana
Program: BSc. in Information Technology

When I graduated from Senior High School, I did not have good grades to enroll in a university. So, I wasted years and years writing NOVDEC to upgrade my results, but none was successful. Until I met The AdmissionExperts who did not only give me a chance to pursue my dreams and study in the university but also gave me a variety of options to choose any program I wanted to study. Within a month, everything was successful and just like that I am now a student in the Philippines studying Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.


Adomako Richmond Kodom, Ghana

Program: BSc. in Electrical Engineering

I’m Adomako Richmond Kodom. A proud graduate of KNUST SHS. Right after high school when results were released, I found out my result wasn’t eligible for enrolling in a field of Engineering I have always had passion for. I became very stranded until a Good Samaritan introduced THE ADMISSION EXPERT to my Dad, in fact I felt so much joy when within a short possible time I could get admission to one of the best schools in the Philippines. And now I’m already enrolled and in my 2nd year in the University studying ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, hopefully I’ll come out with flying colors. I would like to recommend anybody who’s stranded with his result and can’t be  enroll in any university in Ghana, contact THE ADMISSION EXPERT now and your dream of studying a course your heart goes for shall come to Pass THANK YOU!!!


Hilma Hamunyela, Namibia
Program: Ph.D. in Educational Governance 

Today I am a student in the Doctor of Philosophy in Development Administration major in Educational Governance program in one of the best universities in the Philippines called, Philippine Christian University, Manila. All thanks to The AdmissionExperts that I came across through social media. The AdmissionExperts are so humble, patience, and helpful in terms of assisting students with the admission process and presenting and presenting the quality standards of the schools and programs offered. Their process is fast and smooth that one can rely on and it doesn’t take long to respond back. Thank you very much for making me realize my dream today to becoming a product of this Philippine Christian University.


Solomon Nyantakyi, Ghana
Program: Ph.D. in Strategic Management 

My dream of reaching high in education is becoming possible without any difficulty with the help of the Admission Experts when I wanted to have my PhD in Business Management.  Most universities locally makes it more stressful when one wants to be enrolled as PhD candidate. One will have to attend interviews upon interviews before one can luckily be enrolled but thankfully to Education Experts, I had a stress free admission to pursue a PhD in Business Management in one of the renowned universities in the Philippines.  The AdmissionExperts has no other intention than helping to find a very good and recognized world ranked Educational institution in the Philippines. Never doubt their competence in the search for one of the best universities of all levels of the educational ladder especially in the Philippines. First degree, second degree and PhD, Thanks to The Admission Experts.


Prosper Adeti, Ghana
Program: PhD in International Accountancy

The AdmissionExperts is one unique institution I will recommend to everyone seeking to study for a PhD. They are able to identify the capacity of every student and seek admission in institutionally recognized universities in the Philippines for them. 
I have applied to many universities for admission for a PhD but was rejected because I had an Executive Masters Degree in Finance. I really gave up but thankfully, The AdmissionExperts came in handy. My resume and certificates were evaluated and within two weeks, I had a response from them. Today, I am a PhD student with Philippine Christian University, well recognized University of course, offering Business Management with specialization in International Accountancy.
I recommend AdmissionExperts to everyone. They never go wrong.


Simasiku Maketo, Namibia
Program: Ph.D. in Strategic Management


I am doing a world class Ph.D. degree in the Philippines, thanks to The AdmissionExperts for assistance in finding me the best university which is accredited internationally, and the experience is good one just like full time student. I recommend any person who would want to further their studies to approach The AdmissionExperts to assist you and find admission in any university.


Ibrahim Adamu Salia, Ghana
Program: PhD in Strategic Management 

My experience with The AdmissionExperts was a memorable one. I can still remember with admiration the swift response to all processes leading to the admission. The coaching support via emails and telephone was awesome. It was quick but thorough. Thumbs up for all the good work done.

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