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Creating Opportunities through Academic Partnership - The AdmissionExperts Signs MOU with BOSETU


Going above and beyond to make life easier for teachers to achieve their academic dreams, The AdmissionExperts has once again penned a phenomenal project for higher academic pursuit with the Botswana Sectors of Educators Trade Union (BOSETU) during their visit to Botswana on February 19, 2021 under the invitation of BOSETU

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding to initiate talks on areas of mutual interest, this legacy project aims at:

1. Academic Pre-Funding Support where members and their dependents are able to enroll in world class universities in Botswana, Ghana and the Philippines.

2. Assisting BOSETU members to gain admission in high quality universities in the Philippines.

3. Continuing Professional Development for BOSETU Members to Lead in VUCA World and Develop 21st century learners.

4. Assisting BOSETU with technical expertise from international research organizations such as the Center for Health and Social Policy Research (CHSPR) Ghana, to be able to lead research activities, resources mobilization, secure research grants, conduct joint research activities and publications, joint international conferences, knowledge, and cultural exchanges and to support young graduates to develop research careers and interest.

5. International Networks Between BOSETU and International Partners of The AdmissionExperts.

When implemented, this innovative project will create golden opportunities for each and every member of the union in their pursuant to higher academic achievements.

The AdmissionExperts CEO, Dr. Mohammed Sumaila thanks BOSETU for inviting his team to their country and promised his full commitment to making the project a success. As a sign of good faith, the company is already registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA), Botswana to foresee to the implementation of the project.

On his part, Cde Windston Radikolo, President of BOSETU, and the Secretary General Cde Tobokani Nicholas Rari and the Committee for Education, Research and Training welcomed the partnership and promised their team’s support to such a legacy project which will benefit the hardworking teachers of Botswana.

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Fuseini Osman
Fuseini Osman
Jan 02, 2023

I had the opportunity to visit the premises of the Admission experts this week on my visit to the Philippines,and I must say they are doing a very great job,one of the best and trusted companies in the world.


Welcoming news for teachers to upgrade themselves. Congratulations!


A very welcome move which will see teachers developed.congratulations are in order both parties

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